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1) What happens if I purchase Pre-Orders and In Stock Pops! in the same order?

  • Orders ship once everything in an order is in stock. If you purchase in stock Pops! and pre-order's the order will not ship until the pre-order's have been released.

2) What sticker will my Pop! have?

  • If the photo of the Pop! includes a retailer's sticker (AAA, Chalice Collectibles, Target, etc...) it will come with that retailer's exclusive sticker. If there is no sticker or a Special Edition sticker that Pop! is being advertised as having the Special Edition sticker.

3) How do I cancel a Pre-Order?

  • Pre-Orders can be cancelled ANYTIME for a FULL REFUND! Email Support@Balyot.com with your order number and alerting us that you would like to cancel! No questions asked!
  • This does not apply to orders using Promo Code: FINALSALE, items with FINAL SALE in the title or BULK Orders.

4) Are your Pops! authentic?

  • Every single item we offer is 100% authentic and sold to us by either Funko or a Funko authorized distributor!

5) Can you send photos of a (Damaged Box)?

  • At this time we are unable to provide photos of (Damaged Box) Pops!. We are unable to guarantee which specific unit you will receive and make no warrants that you will receive a specific box.