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How Pre-Orders Work

At Balyot Pre-Orders are cancellable anytime for a full refund!



Worry not when using Balyot to pre-order! Until shipped; Pre-Orders are 100% eligible for a FULL REFUND. You know that we do not control shipment dates and we know that you shouldn't be stuck waiting if our shipments are delayed. So when using Balyot.com to Pre-Order we guarantee a FULL REFUND if you want to cancel for any reason! Just email us at Support@balyot.com with your order number to cancel! NO IF'S, AND'S, OR BUT'S.

  • Orders will not ship until every item in that order is in stock. When purchasing in-stock items with Pre-Orders the in-stock items will not ship until everything is in stock. If you would like to split an order into multiple shipments please email Support@balyot.com for a shipping invoice. 
  • ALL Pre-Orders are 100% cancellable for a FULL REFUND!
  • This does not apply to orders using Promo Code: FINALSALE, orders with FINAL SALE in the title or BULK Orders.

What are Pre-Orders?

When manufacturers (like Funko) announce new products, and have secured licensing of the designs with the "owners" of the likenesses, they announce their new products.  Once we have secured an allocation of these new products we offer them to our loyal customers at the best possible price so as soon as we receive them, they can make their way to their new homes.  

Why Pre-Order?

Their are many unique and high demand pieces that often sell-out before they ever make it in-stock and by pre-ordering you are making sure that you will guarantee to receive one, even if they sell-out after the fact.  By placing a pre-order you are making sure that you receive a product you want, at the best price, as soon as it arrives at our warehouse. 

Pre-Order Times?

Pre-Order wait times are completely out of our control and not something we can influence until they reach our warehouse. Once an item that is offered for pre-order reaches our warehouse we begin shipping out the product immediately. Any dates we provide are when we are told that we will receive the products and cannot be fully guaranteed. Because of that, Balyot has no problem if you want to cancel your pre-orders, just email us your order number to Support@balyot.com, and let us know what you want to cancel for a FULL REFUND!

Please be aware Funko does not provide all retailers with products at the same time and changes release dates even at the last minute. 

What if I change my mind about a Pre-Order?

Pre-Ordered items can be canceled for a full refund anytime!

How soon do Pre-Orders ship once Balyot receives them?

As soon as we receive them!

Any other questions or concerns? Email us anytime at Support@Balyot.com