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Mint Condition Guarantee

What is Balyot's Mint Condition Guarantee?

Balyot guarantees that your Funko Pop will come in a Mint Condition Box when you purchase a Brand New and not otherwise labeled Pop!.

What is Covered?

Any in stock or a pre-ordered Pop! that is not otherwise labeled as having flaws.

This includes any damage, regardless if caused during shipment or a lost package due to no fault on the customer's behalf.

What is not Covered?

Any Pop! listed on Balyot.com that has (Out of Box), (Damaged Box), or a similar title indicator. 

Any damage that occurs during shipment that is caused as a direct result of an incorrect address or shipping delays resulting from any fault of the customer. 

Our Mint Condition Guarantee does not extend to paint discrepancies on the Vinyl Pop! or discrepancies of stickers or the placement of stickers.

What happens if my Pop! arrives damaged?

Balyot will look at each damaged order separately and determine the cause of the damage. Balyot must be notified by the customer of damage within 14 days of receipt of shipment. If the damage is caused by no fault of the Customer, Balyot will offer the following:

  1. If possible: A full exchange of the damaged Pop! for one with a Mint Box
  2. Always: A partial refund or store credit; based on the purchase price of the Pop!.
  3. If option 1 is not possible: A return of the damaged Pop! for a full refund of that Pop!. 

How is Mint Condition Defined?

Balyot defines Mint Condition as the general best condition of a specific Pop! box on a product to product basis. Depending on the production of a Pop! there are occasionally flaws that are consistent among all Pop! boxes in that production run. We will consider that to be Mint if the flaw is consistent among the entire production run. This might include but is not limited too; indents from ink rollers on a face of the box, micro tears in corners, and boxes that are free of other flaws but may have difficulty remaining closed.